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Wave Medical Products – High Quality Urine Test Strips for the Ketogenic Diet (Pack of 200 Strips)100% Customer Satisfaction GuaranteeProfessional Grade Ketone Test Strips – Always Fresh Stock – Used in Dietician OfficesOther Strips on eBay have a 99.7% accuracy – WMP Strips 99.9% GuaranteedWhy Buy No-Name Strips with Inaccurate Results – Buy Pro Grade for the Same Price!

About the product
Clinical Focused Ketogenic Diet Strips – Meant to accurately read ketones. Also benefits the Atkins Diet and Paleo Diet. Add this to your Ketogenic Diet Plan for best results.Extremely Precise and Fast Accuracy – Urinalysis test is easy to use, just dip and read, all in 15 seconds or less. Sensitivity is positioned for ketogenic benefits.FDA Certified Manufacturing Facility – 200 Ketone Test Strips – More than enough to help stay on top of your daily ketone measurement if you choose to test frequently. Add this to your Ketogenic Diet Supplies with confidence.Doctor developed – Engineer tested – FDA ApprovedBacked by Wave Medical Product’s Lifetime Product Warranty – You are backed by our lifetime product replacement guarantee that assures you will have the best customer experience

Why Choose Wave Medical Products Ketone Strips? All Ketone Test Strips are not created equal. Wave’s strips have been engineer tested to achieve the highest degree of accuracy. Also, Wave strips are manufactured in an FDA certified, ISO 13485 approved facility ensuring the highest standards possible in medical manufacturing. Other branded strips unfortunately being sold by competitors are made in below-standard conditions and achieve only 10% accuracy from what we have seen and tested. Wave Medical Products employs engineers who are experts in designing and producing health supplies for the improvement of quality of life. 
Wave backs their test strips with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Why guess when you can test? Doctor developed, engineer tested, FDA approved, high-quality ketone urine strips. Measure your state of ketosis in seconds. Wave’s high quality ISO 13485 certified lab-grade keto strips provide reliable testing for people on the ketogenic diet. 
Saves money and easier to use compared to using blood strip testing. Here’s why keto strips are helpful: In a state of ketosis, your body switches from depending on carbohydrates for energy to burning fats for fuel. When the body metabolizes fat, it generates molecules called ketones. Ketone testing strips are used to measure the levels of these ketone bodies in our urine. 
Our keto strips are a quick and reliable way to know if you’re in ketosis. 
Ketogenic Diet for Weight loss and All Other Benefits Against Diabetes! FDA Approved Accurate Urinalysis Test Strips – Ketone Measurement Prepared for Ketogenic Diet, Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, Atkins Diet and Paleo Diet… ANY form of a Low Carb Diet. Add this to your Ketogenic Diet Plan and be successful. Recommended in many Ketogenic Diet Books! 
100% Guarantee backed by Wave Medical Product’s Lifetime Product Satisfaction Promise.
MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS AND TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Stop guessing if you’re reaching or achieving your goals on your quest. Active in Keto, Paleo, Cyclical Carb or Low Carb Diets like Atkins? Have diabetes and frequently checking your levels? A reliable and cost effective method to accurately monitoring your ketone levels through professional grade urinalysis detector sticks.
CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE IN A MATTER OF SECONDS. Each barrel contains packets of 200ct high quality testing strips safety sealed to ensure the quality of each urine strip tester. Our urinalysis tester aid will serve as a guide to help you quickly reach your desired outcome in no time. Detailed instructions & color chart included to help monitor along the way. Use in the convenience of your home, work, or gym.
MEASURE PRECISE RESULTS WHILE YOU BURN FAT AND LOSE WEIGHT. The fastest way to determine if glucose in the form of glycogen is low enough for ketosis or lipolysis. Limit carbs and sugar intake to less than 20 grams daily & check your level of acetoacetic acid (ketond) based on the color of the strips to learn about carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
MANAGE DIABETES WITH ACCURACY. For those that are diabetic, ketones in urine indicate there is not enough insulin available to use glucose for energy; you are using fat instead. Get accurate results with high precision keytone level stick without the pain of needles with a blood meters device. More precise than breath analyzers.
TIPS: Supplement your diet with MCT oil C8 brain octane or MTC powder for healthy fats and exogenous ketones bhb salts for a boost. These practices have been useful in type-1 diabetes, obesity, epilepsy, insulin resistance and ADD treatments. Hydration and duration of keto diet may affect testing results. Made with high quality paper, humidity resistant, long shelf life.

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